ADAPT Elektronik as Employer

You are looking for tasks and challenges in a dynamic and well-capitalized enterprise. We offer an excellent outlook in a tried and tested environment.

Job security
Customers from a variety of sectors do not only mean variety but also security for us. As an owner-operated family company we are able to react rapidly to cyclical fluctuations and thus secure your future as an employee. We put great emphasis on long-term corporate and human resources policies. Many colleagues have been working in our company for more than 20 years.

Flexible working hours
For our employees we use a flexitime system. You can schedule your work hour freely around the core time. Our production is organized in single shift operation, in exceptional cases we operate in double-shifts for individual departments, always in bright rooms with little noise emission. We offer various part-time arrangements to help our employees to reconcile work and family life.

Optimum work conditions
We rely on current technology status for our offices and production areas. The work stations are designed ergonomically. We emphasize good operating equipment and regular invest in this sector.

Living and working in balance
We are convinced that only well-adjusted employees are able to achieve maximum performance
For relaxation by means of exercise we offer a growing number of workouts. Everybody will find something suitable - be it a jogging group or yoga.
Our company health management is part of our corporate mission statement and our corporate culture. With various seminars or programs we help you to live a more balanced life. Our company medical officer will take care of medical check-ups, vaccinations and questions of ergonomics.

Continuous enhancement
The support of the skills of our employees is firmly anchored in our corporate culture.
Many of our employees started as apprentice in our company. Like this, we are able to cover the demand for skilled personnel and managers from our own ranks in the first place. Our employees will acquire the necessary skills in a wide range of internal and external trainings. Topic-related training measures are individually defined.