Two-component casting

Solvent-free casting resins on the basis of polyurethane and epoxy resin are used, depending on customer requirement, for the casting of electrical and electronic components. These provide sealing and protection against moisture, mechanical effects and environmental influences. The low-viscosity casting resins are dimensionally stable after hardening, filling even the smallest cavities, and are suitable for further assembly as a substitute for a separate housing.

Excellent temperature stability and thermal shock resistance
High chemical resistance
Reliable casting of SMD-mounted PCBs
No damage to soldering points or components
Protection type IP62 to IP67, depending on the individual components
Very good electrical insulation, both at room temperature and higher temperatures
High dielectric strength due to the optimum hardening of both components
Dismounting exclusion
The casting mold can also be used as housing
Further processing of molding is possible
Individual design for customer-specific solution concepts
Low initial costs