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Innovative and individual solutions are our day-to-day work

ADAPT - FFC assembly - developing solutions with our customers


Cable connections have to fit the circumstances. A good example is a panoramic roof with movable glass elements. Here we use internally manufactured flat cables, which are ultra-flexible and can be mounted in minimum installation space.Together with our customer we design the perfect solution.
Based on the motto: „everything is possible“, we present a suitable connecting solution and act as a valuable development partner for our customers.

The future is gathering speed: electric vehicles

ADAPT - Point-Weld connectors with special automobile plugs for electric vehicles


Ultraflexible flat cable connectors with welded connections are extremely suitable for the automotive industry. The cell plate connectors are used for applications with moving assemblies.

They are especially suitable, because they guarantee exhausting resistance during vibration and high mechanical stress like heat or quickly changing temeratures and show a high media resistance.

Wherever absolute reliability is required: brake control module

ADAPT - Flex-Jump connectors for commercial vehicles


They are used for contacting PCBs in brake control modules.

The most stringent standards concerning vibration resistance and safe contacting under harshest operating conditions guarantee absolute reliability under highest mechanical stress.