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Technology that saves lives

ADAPT - the optimum plug contours for medical technology

For artificial respiration of patients every second counts, every move must be spot-on and the respirator has to be handled easily. Together with a leading manufacturer of medical technology, ADAPT has developed plugs for a respirator for neonatal medicine. Extremely safe contacting is essential, as well as absolute reliability to frequent plugging and high mechanical stress on cables. In clinical routine simple and safe handling around the patient are essential.

Safety requires reliability

ADAPT - special connecting cables with shielded connectors for data transfer


Speed sensors monitor automated industrial manufacturing. Their absolute reliability ensures security in production. Therefore it is necessary to apply the highest standards of shielding the connector systems. This particularly demands special solutions and a variant diversity, which ADAPT is able to supply quickly - also in small volumes.

High flexibility due to selectable components

ADAPT - customized plug solutions with hotmelt molding

Wherever good adhesion on conductor and body material and low processing pressure is required, the use of hotmelt is recommended - e.g. for l/0 wiring in air handling systems. Due to the high flexibility of the connections with freely selectable connection ends and combinations of different contacting systems, this procedure is extremely well suited for industrial wiring with high demand to a long service life and reliable contact.