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Medical technology has its own standards

ADAPT - Wiring of respirators

Medical devices are essential in clinical routine. They are used in all areas and are subject to strict standards in order to eliminate instrument failure and thus prevent damage to the patient.
One of the leading manufacturers of complex devices in medical technology relies on ADAPT in the wiring of its innovative respirator, because ADAPT can guarantee highest standards for cables and connectors.

The write wire, complex contacting

ADAPT - Z-axis wiring for PCB test units

Especially in a sensitive area like  PCB production, ADAPT shows its strengths at its best. Many years of experience and top expertise in the field of complex cable harnesses, plus the cooperation with well-known material producers guarantee highest standards of quality and durability of connections. ADAPT has developed a complex high contact density chainflex wiring system with PCBs and molding technique, which is used in devices all over the world.