Crimping is a mechanical connection technique in which the connection is made by gas-tight pressing of crimp contacts into the conductor of the FFC. Different crimping processes are used for foil crimping (FFCs with flat copper conductors) in 1.27 mm and 2.54 mm pitch from different contact manufacturers (Tyco, Nicomatic, FCl). In the area of conventional round cable assemblies, we work with a large umber of crimping technologies and systems.

StripCrimp 200

Stripping and crimping tool

Let us present you the most flexible among stripping and crimping tools: The fully programmable StripCrimp 200. It is perfectly suitable for high-precision stripping and subsequent crimping of side- or rear-feed terminals for wires between 0.05 - 4.00 mm²,  AWG 12-30.

The tool scores with maximum flexibility, user-friendly operation and its suitability as semi-automatic stripping and crimping tool or as a component in a transfer system. Additionally, it operates extremely fast, silent and secure.

Stripper-Crimper KM 3011

State-of-the-art stripper crimper

KM 3011 is an in-line stripper crimper. The stripping is made without lateral movement in the crimping tool. When special tools are constructed, where stripping in the crimping tool is impossible, the KM 3011 offers the possibility of stripping outside or next to the tool.

The special gripper in combination with a well thought-out cover results in an optimum accessibility for cable-laying.